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The New Bankruptcy Laws and How They Affect You

For the most part, bankruptcy today is not much different than it was before the “New” law went into effect. The great majority of people that filed bankruptcy before the “New” law, could still file bankruptcy today. You can still file bankruptcy and not lose your house and car.

What has changed? Mostly paperwork and other routine requirements.
You are required to talk to a credit counselor before you file bankruptcy. We will let you know which credit counselors are “approved” pre-bankruptcy credit counselors. This can be done in person, on the phone or on the internet. You will have to give us copies of paychecks and tax returns. We will let know exactly what we need for this. After your bankruptcy is filed you will be required to have a session of Debtor education. Once again, this can be done in person, on the phone or on the internet.

You must qualify to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Most people who are need of bankruptcy will qualify. I advise that you NOT try to see if you qualify on your own. This can be a complex
step and needs to be done right. This is what we do. We have done this many times before and upon your first consultation I can give you an opinion as to your qualification.

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